Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Does A Sideways Peace Sign Mean What Does It Mean When Somebody Does The Peace Sign Sideways???

What does it mean when somebody does the peace sign sideways??? - what does a sideways peace sign mean

Finger .. What does this mean?


VA Girl said...

LOL! Cute. It is still "peace", but it is much easier through the chest, then reached for the prize to the person, with two fingers. The guys who said: "Scissors" are brilliant!

Mzz Rose to you! said...

lol ... which means "peace"

as in peace for you .. I'm outta here!

Use just enough to fire someone, shake instead of.

Me-She said...

In some circles, says: "I have a piece of me "........ Space, as in gun. A sign of peace has never been at his side. This is something that I read in a magazine. Most people who do not have a gun show. The show of hands is always a lot to aspire to death in the Los Angeles area. If you do not know what that means, then I suggest that you do not use because it could cost you if it sees you and not the wrong person is different. If a man is a peace sign on the side next to a girl, then it usually means making that it is his "number on the side" and had sex with her.

SJK said...

Peace, scissors

stinkydo... said...

Paper, rock, Scissorrrs

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